Flipabit overview

Flipabit is integrated development environment. You use Flipabit to create apps for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac without writing a line of code. Flipabit provides tools to manage your entire development workflow — from creating your app to publish it to app stores. The entire user interface can be built using drag-and-drop functionality.

A project keeps the necessary files and resources for developing your app organized. To create a project, start with one of the templates, then modify it however you like. Each template comes preconfigured with default settings and is ready to run.

After you create a project, the main window appears. This window is your primary interface for viewing, editing, and managing all the parts of your project.

Use the Toolbar to add widgets and files, configure your work environment. Widgets are a powerful feature that allows user interface components to easily be added to a project.

Use the Navigator to view the project structure, navigate between pages, add, delete, and organize items in your project. Right-clicking on an item in the Navigator allows access to the item’s context menu. Select a widget in the Navigator to highlight it in a Workspace or double click a page to open it.

Use the Inspector to view and edit information for the selected object or for the project.

Use the Actions Editor to view and edit actions to execute when a event is fired.

Use the Code Editor to add custom dynamic functionality to your projects with JavaScript and QML.

Next Step: Create your first project.

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